About Me

Note:I plan to graduate in about Feb 2025 and looking for AI Infra Engineer (especially related to the acceleration of Inference or/and Training), Machine Learning Engineering/Researcher or Quantitative Researcher/Trader opportunities.

If you have any suitable positions, feel free to contact me.

I’m a fourth-year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. XU Weitao in the Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong. I’m a member of Smart Sensing and Mobile Computing Lab (S2MC). I also work closely with Dr. CAO Xuanyu (ECE in HKUST) and Dr. SONG Linqi (CS in CityU). Prior to this, I got my B.Eng. and B.Econ. degree in Computer Science and Financial Engineering at the Wu Yuzhang Honors College, Sichuan University.

My research interests include distributed machine learning (system), distributed optimization methods and quantitative research.

I focus on communication-efficient distributed optimization (especially in Federated Learning) and decentralized optimization.

Recently, I work as the Quantitave Researcher Intern in one hedge fund.

Before that, I worked as an AI engineer intern in Huawei 2012 Labs and the main research topic is the distributed collective communication algorithms (like NCCL, HCCL, etc.) and high-performance distributed training framework of the large models (like BytePS).


  • [2024.3] The first journal paper has been ACCEPTED by IEEE JSTSP.
  • [2023.12] I got the 4th place in Infinity Champions 011 - Alphathon 2023 hold by WorldQuant.
  • [2023.11] I join Huawei 2012 Labs (Hangzhou) to work as an AI engineer intern.
  • [2023.8] My first paper (Adaptive Top-K in SGD for Communication-Efficient Distributed Learning) has been ACCEPTED for presentation at GLOBECOM 2023.


  • Email: cs.mzr [at] my [dot] cityu [dot] edu [dot] hk
  • Office: Yeung Kin Man Academic Building G2326
  • Location: City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR